Want help learning creative photography techniques?

Want to hone your image post-production skills?


Ben Reed’s photography and post-production lessons can help you learn at a much faster rate than in a classroom environment.

Based out of Ben’s Portland (Oregon) studio, you’ll receive personalized training catered to your skill level. Ben works side by side with you in comprehensive sessions that are easy to understand, while covering plenty of ground.

The average class is about an hour long, with a follow-up class after a month or so. That gives you enough time to apply all the things you’re picking up in class, and a chance to ask about any new complications that you might have discovered since the last class.

You don’t have to schedule your busy day around a photography class; Ben operates on your schedule, at your own pace. And as your personal photography instructor, Reed won’t bog you down with esoteric theory and intensive explanations- He simply teaches how it works.

Topics include:



– Using aperture, shutter speed, and ISO to control exposure
– Using aperture to control depth-of-field
– Using shutter speed to freeze time / blur movement
– Using the histogram to monitor exposure
– Examining photos and discussing how the combination of aperture, shutter speed, and ISO give the resulting image


– Aperture priority
– Shutter priority
– Manual mode
– Focusing
– Single vs. continuous shooting mode
– Color temperature
– Image quality
– Exposure compensation


– Prime versus Zoom lenses
– Wide angle and Fish-eye lenses
– Macro and Tilt-shift lenses
– Polarizing and Neutral-Density filters
– UV filters


– Discussion of various compositional rules and techniques
– Examining various photos and impact of their composition
– Aspect ratio and background/foreground proportions
– Determining the Z-axis and using it for engaging moments


– Fill light
– Bounce Concepts
– Direct versus Diffusion
– Exposure compensation


– Digital Workflow
– Lightroom: Library Module (importing, renaming, cataloging and keywording files)
– Lightroom: Develop Module (color, tint, exposure, tonality, vibrancy, saturation, healing, etc.)
– Lightroom: Slideshow Module
– Lightroom: Print Module
– Lightroom: Web Module
– Photoshop or Photoshop Elements: Retouching and Advanced Editing Techniques (interface, selections, layers, retouching, color correcting, masks, adding text, etc.)
– High Dynamic Range Imaging
– Editing images from a previous field practice session


Field practice allows you to hone techniques you’ve learned and give an opportunity for practical, solid guidance. Field practice locations can range from photographing in a local park or near the studio, which can take place anytime- to photographing an area event, such as a local fair, parade, fireworks, marathon, or other event. The best location/event and time of day/night will depend on the topics you are interested in learning about and practicing.


Picking A Camera, Picking Lenses, Understanding Megapixels and Resolution, ISO, DSLR Operation, Exposure, Lighting, Aperture, White Balance, HDR and Flash Merging, Time Lapse / Long Exposure Photography, Night Photography, Macro Photography, Managing Photographic Assets using Bridge and/or Lightroom, Sharpening, Noise Reduction, Curve and Level Adjustments, Understanding File Formats (RAW, JPG, TIFF etc.), Color Correction, Black and White Conversion, Photo-Merging (Panoramic Stitching), Understanding Print standards and Calibration, Portrait Retouching

Both one-on-one and group lessons available. Evening and weekend sessions also available.

Personal tutorial rate is $50/hour for individualized lessons. Discounts available for extended lessons (prepayment required).

To schedule an appointment or to learn more information, contact Ben.